Ladies of St. Anne

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Ladies of St. Anne
Constitution and By-Laws

Article I.
     Section   I:  The Society is called the Ladies of Saint Anne.
   Section  II:  The members are granted all of the Society's Spiritual Benefits.
    Section III:   A member's right to the Society's Financial Benefits depends upon that                                   member's paid-up membership.

Article 2.
      Section  I:  The Goal of the Society is to be a source of assembly and mutual support for                             the members of Saint Cecilia's Parish.
      Section II:  The Purpose of the Society is to inspire each member to live a more profound                           Christial life.  The member's spiritual life is her source of the good example and                         the Christian inspiration that she provides within her home and within the                                 parish community.  Each member is urged to imitate the patrons of the Society                         -- Saint Anne.

Article 3.
      Section  I:    Any Lady who desiresmembership in the Society may apply for such                                    through any member of the Society. Members submit all applications for                                    membership to the Executive Board of the Society.  Approved applicants                                    officially become members at the June meeting of the current year are                                      approved for the June meeting of the following year.
      Section  II:   Membership is sustained provided each lady honor her commitmet and                                pay her yearly dues by the first of June of the current year.
      Section III:   
1.  To receive Full Benefits of the Society, an applicant must be less than 51                                years of age.
                    2.  Any approved applicant over the age of 50 is granted all the benefits with the                            exception of the payment for the Funeral Mass.  Such members pay a                              yearly dues of $5.00 and are referred to as Members of Prayer.
3.  Members receive mutual support of all the ladies of the Society.
                    4.  Members should participate at all meetings as a sense of pride and duty to its                            Society.
                    5.  All members, after belonging to the Society for three (3) months, have the                                right to vote for and become members of the Executive Board.
                    6.  Except for Members of Prayer, the Society applies $125.00 for the Funeral                                Service of its deceased member.
                    7.  All members share in the spiritual benefits of the yearly Mass that is offered for                          each living and deceased member.  The Mass is celebrated during the June                                meeting.
                    8.  Any member who is sick or in time of need receives the prayerful support of all                          the members.
   Section IV:  Responsibilities
1.  Members should attend at least 2 meetings per year in order to be updated and informed in Society activities.
                       2.  All members participate in Society activities and assist with Society projects.
                       3.  Members share in the expenses of the society by paying annual membership                             dues of $10.00 and Membership of Prayers annual dues of $5.00.
                       4.  All members share in the Society's concern for each member by                                               communicating their knowledge of any member's sickness or need to the                                 President or the Secretary.
                       5.  In their daily prayers and good works, all members remember each member                             of the Society.
Article 4.
     Section   I:     The Officers of the Society are the Chaplain, President, Vice President,                                     Secretary and Treasurer.
     Section  II:     The above Officers constitute the Executive Board of the Society.

Article 5.
     Section   I.  The Society's fiscal year begins each September 1st.
     Section  II.  Regular Meetings of the Society are held on the second Wednesday of:                                  February, April, June, September, October and December.  The Christmas party                          is held during the December meeting.

Article 6.
      Section  I:  Office of the Chaplain:
                       1.  The Pastor of Saint Cecilia's Parish is, by right, Chaplain of the Society.
                       2.  The Chaplain may delegate anoter cleric to attend meetings in his stead.
      Section II:  Duties of the President:
                       1.  The Presidency should be a 4 year term only.  She may run again after                                     someone else has finished a 4 year term if she so chooses.
                       2.  The President presides at all meetings of the Society and the Executive                                     Board.  The President also supervises all Society activities.
                       3.  The President appoints all Committees.  With the exception of the                                             Nominating Committee, the President is ex-officio member of all Society Committees.
                       4.  The President presents to the Society all recommendations received fom the                             Executive Board or from the Society members.
                       5.  The President or the Secretary receives, from any Society member,                                           information regarding any member who is ill or otherwise in need.
     Section  III:    Office of the Vice-President:
                           The Vice-President presides in the absence of or at the request of the                                        President.
     Section  IV:  Duties of the Secretary:
                       1.  The Secretary keeps records of each meeting of the Society and of any                                     meeting held by the Executive Board.
                       2.  The Secretary works with the President to process all Society publicity - the                               announcement in the parish Sunday Bulletin and/or in local newspapers of                                 Society meetings or activities.
                       3.  The Secretary or the President receives, from any Society member,                                           information regarding any member who is ill or otherwise in need.
     Section V:   Duties of the Treasurer:
                       1.  The Treasurer is custodian of all the funds of the Society.
                       2.  The Treasurer maintains an account of all the receipts and the expenditures                               of the Society.
                       3.  At General and at Executive meetings, the Treasurer submits a report of the                             financial status of the Society.
     Section VI.  Role of the Executive Board:
                   The Executivde Board looks after the best interests of the Society and establishes                       policies to attain that end.
    Section  VII:  Election of Officers:
                 1.  The Nominations of Officers is made by a Nominating Committee of                                   five (5) members.  The President appoints this committee at the June                                      meeting.
                 2.  The new officers are elected at the September meeting.
                 3.  The Formal Installation of the newly elected officers takes place at the                                   October meeting.

Article 7.
     Section    I:  The President appoints committees as the need for such arises.
     Section   II:  The Executive Board allots adequate appropriations for each committee.
     Section  III:  Upon completion of it's mandate, each committee is dismissed.

Article 8.
Section   I:   The Society Auditing Committee is appointed by the President.
     Section  II:   The duty of the Auditing Committee is to audie the Society's financial accounts.
     Section III:   The Auditing Committee submits the audit report the Executive Board at least once everyother year.

Article 9.
Section   I:  The meetings of the Society are conducted in accordance with the principle of Parliamentary Law, Roberts Rules of Order, newly revised.  Such Rules constitute the authority for the conduct of Society meetings.
     Section  II:  The President appoints one of the Executive Board members to be the Parliamentary Officer.
Section III:  The Parliamentary Officer advises other officers, committees and members on matters pertaining to parliamentary procedures.
     Section  IV:  Twenty-five (25) members constitute the quorum for the transaction of Society business.

Article 10.
     Section  I:  The President watches over the observance of these By-Laws and proposes any suggested amendments.
     Section II:  These By-Laws may be amended by the majority of the members present at any regular meeting providing a notice of the proposed amendment is given one meeting in advance.

Celebration of the Eucharist

Saturday Vigil Masses:
4:00 & 6:30 P.M.
Sunday Masses:
7:00, 9:45 and 11:15 A.M.
Weekday Masses:
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Holy Day Masses:
As announced in Bulletin
Daily Rosary: 
Mon-Fri 3:00 P.M

Fridays 6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.
Saturdays 3:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M.

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